Zakavia Shante Walker shot to death in Fort Worth

By | December 17, 2021

Zakavia Shante Walker Death – Cause Of Death – FORT WORTH, Texas — 13-year-old Zakavia Shante Walker was shot and killed in a fatal shooting in southwest Fort Worth on Thursday 16th December 2021. Fort Worth is a city in North Central Texas. In the late 19th century, it became an important trading post for cowboys at the end of the Chisholm Trail.

According to multiple sources, police was called in regards to a shooting that took place at 3560 Altamesa Boulevard, which is the Altamesa McCart Center, a strip mall, upon their arrival they found Walker with an apparent gunshot wound, she was rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead.

No further information has been released by authorities, the shooting still remains under investigation.