William Tyrrell spider man suit found

William Tyrrell missing – New evidence as a small piece of blue material matching the clothes Tyrell was wearing when he was last seen has been found in search for his remains.

SYDNEY, Australia – William Tyrrell was 3-year-old when he went missing from his home in Sydney and he has not been seen since then. He was seen last on 11 September 2014 playing outside the home of his foster grandmother in Sydney. The report says his foster mother was outside with him but went in to make tea said and when she came back, Tyrell was nowhere to be found and all attempts to locate him failed.

The foster parents of Tyrell began to search for him immediately after they noticed he was missing. They searched the areas around their home if he had wandered away but did not find him. They reported him to the police after that.

The police began searching for him immediately he was reported missing but the search did not yield much as he is still missing. The search included the services of the Rural Fire Service and members of the community who searched day and night tirelessly. Motorcycles and helicopters were also used in the search for Tyrell. The report says over two hundred volunteers searched the terrain around the home and police divers searched waterways and dams. The police searched every house in the estate that surrounds Benaroon Drive several times but still could not find him.

The police then drew the conclusion that Tyrell had been abducted as the investigation showed that they were two cars parked outside the home of his home before he went missing . The police began investigations into finding the drivers of two cars that were seen parked on the dead-end road on the morning Tyrrell disappeared. A description for the cars was given as a white station wagon and an older-style grey sedan.

$1 million reward:

Sources say a reward which is up to $1 million was offered to help find Tyrell and the reward is still open to anyone who gives vital information that leads to his whereabouts.

The investigation also said a cop was found guilty of illegal recording in William Tyrrell’s investigation this might be a strain in the case of the disappearanec of Tyrell.

The case is still open and he has a worried family who is seeking answers. The police are re-appealing the public to help in finding him.

Anyone who has information that can help find William Tyrrell has been asked to call the police immediately.

William Tyrrell Latest:

A recent development in the case of the missing boy Tyrell states that his foster mother is now been treated as a person of interest in the case of the missing person. The police are now carrying out a search in the property he went missing from again.

A Car that belongs to his foster grandmother is still being searched. The NSW Police said, “This activity relates to inquiries and search operations currently being conducted in the Kendall area.” The car has now been seized from a home at Gymea, in Sydney’s south, under a coronial order last Tuesday and it is been investigated.

William Tyrrell found dead:

William has not been found dead but the police said recently that they are searching for his remains. They did not speak on the reason they believe he is now deceased.

A statement by NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon says “What I can say is the investigation is part of the dogged determination of investigators who will leave no stone unturned to do that.”

Nguyen Nhung said, “New potential evidence has been uncovered by police in the search for William Tyrrell’s remains.” The police have reportedly found a small piece of blue material matching the clothes Tyrell was wearing when he was last seen.

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