William Hady Chebib, 32, Earlier reported missing found dead in San Pablo Bay

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SAN PABLO BAY — The body of a Petaluma man who hadn’t been seen since Christmas, when he went fishing in San Pablo Bay, has been discovered by the authorities. The man hadn’t been seen since Christmas. According to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, search personnel located William Hady Chebib, 32, approximately 10 a.m. on Thursday, one mile east of the Hamilton Wetlands. On December 25, at approximately 8:00 a.m., Chebib launched his boat from the Black Point Boat Launch in Novato in order to spend the day fishing for fun near China Camp State Park in San Pablo Bay.

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According to the authorities, he communicated with members of his family at approximately 3:30 p.m. and informed them that he was returning to shore; however, he never arrived. The fishing boat was found floating near Point San Pablo the following day, but there was nobody on board when it was discovered. That is a few miles south of the boat launch and close to the north of the bridge that connects Richmond and San Rafael. Several different law enforcement agencies started looking for Chebib until their attempts were halted at an undetermined later date.

On Thursday, he was located by a volunteer search organization called California Recovery Divers, who then carried him to the Black Point Boat Launch, where paramedics were waiting for him. It has not been determined what caused Chebib’s death as of now. According to the officials, an autopsy as well as a toxicological test are scheduled to take place on Friday.

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Officials from Solano County, the body of a Sacramento male who had been reported as an adult who had gone missing voluntarily earlier this month was discovered in San Pablo Bay on Sunday afternoon. According to the office of the Solano County coroner, the deceased has been recognized as Robert Ziroyan, a native and resident of Sacramento who was 30 years old. According to officials with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, Ziroyan’s disappearance was reported on April 3. Approximately one mile to the west of Mare Island, a boater spotted a body floating in the ocean and reported it to the police. This led to the discovery of the man.

Deputy Daryl Snedeker, the spokesperson for the Solano County Sheriff’s Department, stated that the marine patrol section of the department was dispatched to the location at approximately 3:40 p.m. on Sunday. Coroner’s officials apparently seized ownership of Ziroyan’s remains after they were carried to a Coast Guard station in Vallejo from whence the body was purportedly moved, as stated by Snedeker. During an autopsy that was performed on Wednesday, officials from the coroner’s office stated that they discovered nothing odd; however, they are still waiting on the findings of a pending toxicology study.

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