What Happened To 15-year-old Girl Missing From Jackson County?

By | November 17, 2021

Missing teenager found in Detroit Warren believed to be sex trafficking victim.

News reaching us revealed that the police have located a missing 15-year-old juvenile, the Juvenile was found at the Detroit-Warren border in the middle of the night and she is believed to be a victim of sex trafficking.

The Police said the girl driving the Charger didn’t have any identification and gave them a false name. After investigating further, officials identified her as a missing 15-year-old runaway from Jackson County.

The 15-year-old girl was reported missing on 25 September, 2021.

According to the authorities while they brought her back to the station to arrange to be picked up by her guardian, the girl told them she believed she might be pregnant and a victim of sex trafficking. They took her to a nearby hospital for examination. They learned several more details and believe the girl had been trafficked in Detroit.

Investigation is still ongoing by the detectives.

State police said after the girl is released from the hospital, she will be returned to her family.