Viktor Michitsch passed away at 95, Gottscheer community mourn

Viktor Michitsch passed away at 95, Gottscheer community mourn


Viktor Michitsch Death – The chairman served as honorary chairman for a significant amount of time, and the Gottscheer Landsmannschaft in Klagenfurt refers to him as a “deserved citizen” on a consistent basis. Monday marked the passing of Viktor Michitsch, who was 95 years old. Since he was born in Gottenitz, Gottschee, he had a strong connection to the community throughout his life and was involved in numerous business endeavors. In 1969, Gottscheer took over as president of Gottscheer Landsmannschaft, an organization that had been founded in 1952.

Establishment of the Gottscheer Landsmannschaft

In part of the Gottscheer national team in Klagenfurt, by 2015 Michitsch was “significantly involved in the club’s national team activities,” writes. The 19th of March 1955 is a significant occasion in the history of the club. On that day, it was determined that a new printing of the Gottscheer Zeitung would take place. Michitsch was a contributor to the publication and served on the editorial board. His leadership was instrumental in the establishment of the Gottscheer Landsmannschaften working group, which he chaired. His name will live on in perpetuity in the form of a monument that will be built in the state capital.

Further information

Michitsch also suggested bestowing the Gottscheer Honor Ring upon residents of Gottscheer who had made significant contributions to the community. In 2006, he was the one who actually earned this accolade. Michitsch has received a number of accolades and distinctions from both the state of Carinthia and the Republic of Austria in recognition of his contributions to the Gottscheer community during the course of his life.

The Carinthia Bar, which Michitsch is a part of, is also experiencing a significant amount of grief. In 1952, he was awarded a doctorate from Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, and he practiced law in Villach from 1960 until 2003. On Saturday, January 14, at 9 in the morning, there will be a farewell service held in the St. Martin’s parish church. The person who passed away later St. He is laid to rest in Martin’s Cemetery, which will be his last resting place.

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