Two brothers, suspect identified in Nashville home shooting

        Six shot, 3 dead including one suspect in Nashville apartment shooting

Zacquez Sherrell Death : 18-year-old Zacquez Sherrell and 15-year-old Tavarius Sherrell have been identified as the victims of Friday’s deadly shooting inside a Nashville apartment complex.

According to Nashville Police, the two victims 40-year-old mum and two sisters ages of -16 and 20 all sustained gunshot injuries in the incident and are still hospitalized in a critical but stable condition. One of the two suspects identified as 29-year-old Christian Akail Johnson was also shot dead at the scene.

Preliminary investigations show the shooting was stemmed from a possible robbery incident. Two armed suspects including Johnson broke into a residential apartment. Responding officers found three weapons inside the home.

Investigators are working to uncover more motives in the incident. The second suspect identity was not immediately given.

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