Trevarious Winslow, 27, found guilty of shooting, killing 2 people in nightclub

Dominique Troupe, 36, faces 3 new charges in Swanton shooting incident

CADDO PARISH, La. — A guy was found guilty of manslaughter on the 12th of January by a jury in connection with two deaths that occurred at a local nightspot. On June 9, 2019, a jury of 12 people from Natchitoches came to the unanimous conclusion that Trevarious Winslow, 27, from Natchitoches was responsible for the killings of Chasmine Walters, 22, and Lee Jerryius Baines, 29. After an incident at the Royalty Lounge located in the 200 block of Texas Street in the central business district of Shreveport, both of them were fatally shot and died.

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According to the Caddo District Attorney’s Office, Winslow held a position as a security guard at the club during the relevant time period. The witnesses told the jury that Winslow hid the revolver that contained his blood and his DNA on it. On Monday, January 9, the process of selecting the jury began, and they were sworn in the following morning. The presentation of evidence took place on Tuesday afternoon, throughout the entirety of Wednesday, and first thing on Thursday morning. According to officials from the District Attorney’s office, Winslow faces a possible maximum sentence of forty years in prison for each offense when he appears in court on March 6.

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The records kept by the police, a man who was attempting to flee an argument over stolen drugs was gunned down and died as he stood outside of a motel in the capital city of Louisiana.
According to a statement released by the Baton Rouge Police Department on Saturday, United States Marshals detained Maurice Mallory, 27, on Friday in connection with the homicide of Sedrick Lewis, which occurred on Wednesday at a FairBridge Inn Express in Baton Rouge. An affidavit written by the detectives states that a witness told them the men were arguing about stolen narcotics when they were together. According to The Times-Picayune and The New Orleans Advocate, the document does not disclose any details regarding who is suspected of stealing the medications.

According to the affidavit, surveillance footage that was given by the motel shows the two men engaging in a “physical struggle” in a breezeway on the first floor of the building. During the course of the altercation, Mallory fumbled and dropped a revolver, which was later picked up by a third person whose identity remains unknown. After some time had passed, Mallory found the weapon, and Lewis immediately began to flee. According to the notes supplied by the detectives, Mallory shot Lewis as he was running away.

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