Tragedy as Shirley Bryant was raped and found beaten in Detroit church

By | December 14, 2021

Shirley Bryant Death – Cause of Death: DETROIT – 63-year-old Shirley Bryant has been identified as the woman who was purportedly raped and beaten outside of a vacant Detroit church last month.

Shirley died on Monday, December 6, after fighting for her life since the incident on Sunday, November 14th, 2021. Two suspects have been detained in connection with the incident, but only 44-year-old Elvin Shepard has been charged.

“These monsters just took my mom away from me… for no reason,” said Diwann Bryant, Shirley Bryant’s son. “I know you’ve got a mother. I know you’ve got sisters and brothers. And you hit my mama like that? It’s terrible.”

Shepard was charged with assault with the intent to kill. As the investigation is ongoing, no sexual assault charges have been filed. The second suspect was already in detention for an unrelated offence when the police determined there was a connection between them and Bryant.

No plans have been announced for Shirley Bryant obituary and funeral yet.