Tragedy as Benedict Blythe of Stamford, UK dies at 5

By | December 2, 2021

Benedict Blythe Cause of Death – Passed Away: 5-year-old Benedict Blythe of Stamford, United Kingdom has died. Benedict Blythe passed away on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, due to health complications. Benedict was the sweetest, happiest, most magical boy in the world.

Helen Blythe issued a statement as the news of Benedict death broke on the internet. “This is my son, Benedict. He died yesterday, suddenly, aged 5. I just want everyone to know that he existed, and to see his beautiful smile and know how wonderful he was. He was such a bright spark, the kindest boy. His time with us was the greatest gift,” Helen Blythe wrote on Twitter.

While announcing the passing of Benedict Blythe, Paul Bowden wrote on Facebook, “Helen Blythe (née Bavister) was a pupil of mine at Stamford High School 15 years or more ago and we have remained close since then. Yesterday (1 December) she saw her gifted and beautiful son, Benedict, off to school, at Barnack. While there, he was taken ill and, despite hours of efforts to save him, died.”

This GoFundMe page was created to help the family pay for funeral costs and other expenses at this difficult time. As of this evening, the fundraiser page has raised £9,343 out of a £1,000 goal. Vicki was the most generous donor, donating $100.

Vic Damhar describes Benedict as the sweetest, happiest, most magical boy in the world. He was confident, compassionate and so witty.

We are yet to confirm details for the obituary and funeral arrangements of Benedict Blythe. We ask that the privacy of the family be respected until details are made public.

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