Timothy Crochett Mullins missing – Update – What happened to 47y/o Fuquay-Varina man?

By | December 7, 2021

Timothy Crochett Mullins missing – Fuquay-Varina man found deceased

Police have released an update to the Missing Person case of 47-year-old Timothy Crochett Mullins, who was reported yesterday. Officers received information that Mullins’ Jeep was parked near a bridge at Harris Lake just off New Hill Holleman Rd., which they attended to and met the horrible scene.

The search for Timothy Crochett Mullins

The search team organized involved the Fuquay-Varina Police Department, the Wake County Sheriff’s Office, NCSHP and Stony Creek Rescue Dive Team from Nash County who initiated searches for Mullins in the Harris Lake area, K-9 units, county investigators, FVPD investigators, and the dive team.

Timothy Mullins death

The Fuquay-Varina police said that Timothy Mullins was found deceased at Harris Lake. “At this time there is no indication of a threat to the community, foul play, or criminal activity that led to Mullins’ death, however all death cases are investigated to their fullest extent. “Wake County Sheriff’s Office is handling the death investigation at this point in the case.” The Fuquay-Varina police said.

What happened to Timothy Mullins?

There has been no report about what happened to Mullins yet as authorities are still investigating the case. “We are limited in information we may provide due to privacy and sensitivity to the family and others that knew and loved Mr Mullins. “This is an ongoing investigation as law enforcement thoroughly investigates all death cases.

“We have an obligation to provide public record information to alleviate fear and to provide factual information to the public. “This a delicate balance as we understand there is a desire to know everything. “Again, some details are not shared due to the sensitive nature of this case involving a missing person and privacy related to mental health issues.” the Fuquay-Varina police added.

Authorities are thankful for the partnerships and resources available to assist with this investigation and tips received from our community. They have expressed their condolences to the Mullins’ family, his friends, co-workers and those community members that were invested in this case. “It is times such as this that we should all come together and provide love and support, particularly for the family and friends.

“For any questions about this now established death investigation, we refer you to Wake County Sheriff’s Office. “Again thank you to everyone that assisted with this case and provided tips as well as thoughts and prayers for those involved. “We are extremely appreciative of our Town community and our public safety partners.” Fuquay-Varina Police ended.