Taylor Pomaski Missing: Body found in hunt for ex-NFL star Kevin Ware’s missing girlfriend

By | December 13, 2021

Taylor Pomaski Missing: Remains found in search for ex-NFL star Kevin Ware’s missing girlfriend

According to a report reaching us at this time, the authorities have discovered a body while they were on a desperate search for ex-NFL star Kevin Ware’s missing girlfriend, six months after the sportsman was named a suspect in her disappearance.

Authorities searching for the missing girlfriend of the former NFL player found human remains at a site that had been identified during the investigation. The remains were found in northern Harris County on Thursday and were confirmed to be human by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said the remains haven’t been identified, but investigators believe they’re related to Pomaski’s disappearance

29-year-old Taylor Pomaski was last seen in Spring, Texas, on April 25 at a party held at the home she shared with former pro football player Kevin Ware Jr.  The couple, who had been dating for a year, had reportedly been fighting at the house party before her disappearance.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said at the time Pomaski disappeared “under suspicious circumstances.”

41-year-old Former Washington Football Team player Kevin Ware jr. was arrested in June for failing to report for bond supervision in an unrelated case involving gun and drug charges. He had been arrested and charged about a week before Pomaski’s disappearance after he was allegedly found with cocaine, methamphetamine, and a loaded AK-47.

Kevin Ware played tight end for the Washington Redskins in 2003 and the San Francisco 49ers in 2004.

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