Tanya Kuzmanovic member of 30Seconds tribe passed away

By | December 6, 2021

Tanya Kuzmanovic death – passed away: Tanya Kuzmanovic, of Oakville, Ontario, passed away after a longtime cancer battle. On Monday, April 26th 2021 on her Twitter handle tanya kuzmanovic | pencils and popcans @tawnyk22 she shared that her life is changed forever as she is diagnosed with cancer.

She is a native of Windsor, Ontario, and a daughter to Irma S.Kuzmanovic. She went to Riverside Secondary School Windsor, Ontario and also Studied Communication Studies and Creative Writing in English at the University of Windsor, Ontario. She is married to Brennan Howard. She is a member of 30Seconds.com.

She is survived by her mother Irma S.Kuzmanovic, her husband Brennan Howard, her children, her cousins Brett Renaud and Sarah Renaud, her sister-in-law Alanna Howard Vukcevic and her brother-in-law Michael Vukčević

Tanya Kuzmanovic’s obituary will be organized by the family