Talented photographer Robyn Lakeman dies from Pancreatic Cancer

By | November 18, 2021

Robyn Lakeman Death – Cause Of Death: Skilled photographer Robyn Lakeman of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia has passed away unexpectedly on October 26th after a short fight with pancreatic cancer. Her death was announced by her family on social medial.

She was skillful, talented, and consummate. She created emotional stories from mere pictures, she was a loving and caring human, she had a great passion and desire for photography and work of art. She gave her full devotion and dedication to her profession. She was loved by friends, family, and colleagues.

She was a native of Sydney, Australia, but lived in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She attended Asquith Girls High School that was located at Stokes Ave, Asquith NSW 2077, Australia, and graduated in the year 1966. She proceeded to study at Hornsby Technical College.

According to the post publicized by Ken Lakeman on Facebook, he said “Robyn has passed away peacefully this morning after a short fight with pancreatic cancer. You will all know she indicated she was going into hospital a few weeks back but deteriorated rapidly in the last few days. She got to spend a day at home last Friday which was great considering there were no visitors allowed in the hospital due to COVID-19 but had to go back Saturday.”

Sean Parker says “Super saddened to hear one of my dearest night photography friends in Australia passed away last month. Robyn Lakeman was such a ray of light and I’m heartbroken by the news. Robyn was always a joy to be around and I’m sad I won’t be able to see her again. My last memory of her was when she and her husband Ken invited me into their home in Melbourne a few years back to run a photography workshop. I’ve never been to Australia before and she made it possible. We had so much fun and she was so happy to show me around. She was so welcoming and supportive of me, too. She had a great sense of humor and adventure…reminded me a little of my mom haha. We had some great times. We are going to miss you so much, Robyn!”

Photo credit – Sean Parker