Suspect charged in the shooting death of Xyrus Zelaya in Deltona house party

By | December 2, 2021

Xyrus Zelaya Death : Authorities say a man identified as Markland Roberts has been arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Xyrus Zelaya at a house party in October.

The suspect Roberts turned himself in Wednesday, in the company of his attorney. Zelaya had attended a house party on Waterview Drive with a group of uninvited juveniles, when an altercation broke out between the group and another, escalating to items being thrown at each other’s vehicle.

Robert then fired several shots towards the car Zelaya was riding in, striking the teen to the middle section and another teen, 17, to the shoulder The both teens were transported to the hospital, where Zelaya succumbed to his injuries. Chitwood said he hopes the arrest starts to bring a sense of closure and justice to families and friends of the victim.

According to Sheriff Mike Chitwood, Roberts is facing charges of manslaughter and attempted. “We don’t believe that the words that were uttered and a bottle being thrown results in somebody firing blindly and indiscriminately into a car.”