SNL Comedian, Writer and Actor Peter Aykroyd dies at 66

By | November 22, 2021

Peter Aykroyd – Death – Peter Aykroyd, 66-year-old, an Actor, producer, former comedian, and writer on “Saturday Night Live” and the younger brother of Dan Aykroyd, passed away on Sunday, November 20, 2021, after his 66th birthday. The news of his death was announced by the sketch comedy show. As at the time of this publication no cause of death was announced in regards to the passing of the talented star. His father Peter Sr. who passed away in the year 2020, at the age of 98. He was the author of the 2009 book “A History of Ghosts: The True Story of Seances, Mediums, Ghosts, and Ghostbusters.” He is survived by his brother Dan Aykroyd, his sister-in-law Donna Dixon, and his niece Danielle Aykroyd.

He was born Peter Jonathan Aykroyd, on November 19, 1955, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to Lorraine and (Samuel Cuthbert) Peter Hugh Aykroyd, he was the younger brother of comedian Dan Aykroyd. Along with his older brother he was in the Second City comedy troupe in Toronto. The two were also on Saturday Night Live. He was a cast member and writer in the fifth season, 1979-80. Peter Aykroyd and Jim Belushi provided the voices of Elwood Blues and Jake Blues for the cartoon The Blues Brothers Animated Series In 1997. He also appeared in movies such films as Spies Like Us, Dragnet, and Coneheads. Peter and his brother Dan wrote the movie titled Nothing but trouble in the early 1990s. The story was written by Peter while Dan wrote the screenplay. In 1996, Peter Aykroyd co-created the Canadian sci-fi show Psi Factor which produced 88 episodes with Christopher Chacon and Peter Ventrella, the show was hosted by his brother Dan.

Nothing but Trouble is a 1991 American black comedy horror film directed by Dan Aykroyd in his directorial debut, and written by Aykroyd, based on a story by his brother Peter. Chevy Chase and Demi Moore star as yuppies who are taken to court for speeding in the bizarre, financially bankrupt small town of Valkenvania. Dan Aykroyd co-stars as the town’s 106-year-old judge, Alvin Valkenheiser, who holds a personal grudge against financiers, and John Candy has a supporting role as Valkenheiser’s grandson, chief of police Dennis Valkenheiser. The film’s tone was compared by critics to films such as Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as well as The Munsters. The film’s humor was described as being derived from sketch comedy and gross-out humor. Production commenced in 1990 under the title Git, which was changed in production to Valkenvania.

Peter Aykroyd’s obituary will be announced by the family.