Simon Hickson missing – 42y/o Surbiton, Surrey man remains missing after 12yrs

By | December 2, 2021

Simon Hickson missing – What happened to 42-year-old Surbiton, Surrey man?

12 years down the line, and 42-year-old Simon Hickson has still not been recovered. There are so many questions concerning Hickson’s mysterious disappearance, and concern rises everyday for him. Authorities and his family wants to hear from him to make sure he is safe.

Hickson disappeared on April 9, 2009, and has not been spotted neither has he called home all these years. “ Simon we are here for you whenever you are ready; we can listen, talk you through what help you need, pass a message for you and help you to be safe. Call. Text. Free. Confidential. 116000 ” Says authorities who are seeking to unravel the mystery surrounding Hickson’s disappearance.