Shaun King daughter, Kendi King hit by car in Manhattan

Kendi King Car Accident : Shaun King daughter, Kendi King hospitalized with brain injury after she was struck by car in Manhattan

9-year-old Shaun King’s daughter, Kendi King has been hospitalized with serious injuries after she was struck by a car while she was walking in Manhattan. The incident happened on Saturday morning, November 4, 2021.

Following the incident, Shaun is an author, civil rights activist, and co-founder of Reak Justice PAC took to his official Facebook page to request prayer for his daughter whom he said sustained brain injury and several serious head and body injuries.

“24 of the hardest hours of our lives. ⁣Our daughter Kendi, who is 19, was hit by a car while she walking in Manhattan and suffered a brain injury. And several serious head and body injuries. I’ve been here in the ICU with her since yesterday morning. ⁣

We have every reason to believe she will recover and she is receiving excellent medical care. The doctors and nurses and staff have been so kind and so thorough. ⁣

Please pray for Kendi. ⁣
That she heals 100%.⁣
That she has no setbacks.⁣

I’m watching her like a hawk.⁣

Please say a special prayer for my dear @MrsRaiKing who has had an incredibly hard time with this. ⁣

Love and appreciate you all.⁣

Shaun & Family. 

We join our voices with Shaun’s family and pray for Kendi’s speedy recovery.

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