Shane Whitlow Missing: Shane love after lockup is missing, Lacey pleads for help from fans

By | December 16, 2021

Shane Whitlow Missing: Lacey Whitlow begs fans for help in locating Shane

Lacey Whitlow begs fans for help in locating Shane Whitlow. Apparently, Shane has been missing since this past Sunday. He was last seen in Trumbull, CT, a small town in Fairfield County. She shared a photo of Shane, asking anyone with information to let him or the Virginia Beach police know.

Shane Whitlow has had an up and down relationship with his wife, Lacey Whitlow. Fans have almost come to depend on their back and forth. This season of Life After Lockup has been no different. She accused him of cheating again and when it got too hot, Lacey reached out to her ex, John.

Lacey and Shane are a couple that was so much in love. Shane Whitlow was behind bars when he first met Lacey who was also involved with John Slater. She and John were pretty serious when she realized she had feelings for Shane. Whenever there was an issue with one, she would slide back to the other. Finally, Shane and Lacey got married. Unfortunately, all was not happy and he ended up cheating on Lacey. and John was always there to pick up the pieces for Lacey.

Eventually, Lacey and Shane decided they wanted to have a baby even though she had kids from prior relationships. They welcomed their daughter Summer but that is when Lacey felt their marriage took a turn. The couple went from being intimate all of the time to him barely touching her.

Lacey accused Shane of flirting with girls at the gym and eventually made him take a lie detector test. It seemed he was talking to other people. However, he maintained it was all from his OnlyFans account that she forced him into creating.

Lacey has kept it no secret she was spending time with John again. She posted photos of flowers he sent her on Instagram. At the same time, Shane shared pleas for his daughter. He wanted her to know he would always be the best father possible and that he loved her.

Now, Lacey has sent out a plea to her followers. Lacey did not allow any comments.

Shane’s last public post on social media looks to be an Instagram video posted on Saturday. In the clip, Shane can be seen at a gym pumping iron. He seemed very positive in the caption, He said  “Preparing myself to be mentally, physically, and spiritually strong,” Shane wrote in the caption. “Watch the progress continually take place. Gn everyone.”

Shane has been making numerous positive posts on social media lately. The positivity has been a big change for the reality star. His split from Lacey has been less than amicable, and he has shared numerous frustrated posts in regards to being able to see his daughter.

Please help keep an eye out for him. If anyone sees him or has any information regarding his whereabouts please call 911 or Virginia Beach Police Department at (757) 385-5000.