Sean Casey missing – Where is Professional Wrestler Sean Casey?

By | December 16, 2021

Sean Casey missing – The family of  missing Professional Wrestler Sean Casey, cries out for help

The mysterious disappearance of 49-year-old Professional Wrestler Sean Casey, has come as a huge blow to his family. Since his disappearance his family has been in a state of unrest and are doin all they can to find the missing man.

Lauren Michelle Hock, who is not finding it appealing said on a facebook post, “Everyone who has known me for a long time knows this man right here is a huge part of my life. Right now he is missing and none of us know where he is.”

“If ANYONE has any information, please contact me, Sierra Elizabeth Graham or John Murray. At this point, the police are involved so any information helps! Most importantly, I need y’all to pray that they find him safe.” She added as she desperately asks for help.

“Sean Casey if you are reading this, please call one of us back! We are all so worried, this isn’t like you. I love you so much, hubby. Please let someone know if you’re ok.😭Thanks!” Hock pleaded


According to a post on Facebook, Bobby Fulton says, “Sean Casey has been located! Thank you all for your help!”