Rebekah Kaplan CA dies in bicycle accident

By | November 17, 2021

Rebekah Kaplan Death –  Cause of Death : Clinical Professor at UCSF, Rebekah Kaplan, of Berkeley, California has died following injuries sustained from a bicycle accident, according to a Facebook post made by Mission Neighborhood Health Center “It is with deep sadness, that we share the news with you today that Rebekah Kaplan a long-time midwife with our service and prenatal care provider here at Mission Neighborhood Health Center died today after a bicycle accident.

Not only was Rebekah an amazing midwife and colleague, but she was also an educator contributing to the training of hundreds of midwives and nurses throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Today our staff remembers Rebekah for her kindness, laughter, and for her passion for midwifery and nursing students’ education”.

Following Rebekah death, Katherine Finder described her as a “wise, evolved and supportive…a touchstone, a teacher and the best of listeners”.

“As a woman, Rebekah was wise, evolved and supportive…a touchstone, a teacher and the best of listeners. She spoke to me often of her calling as a midwife. As we ran those Sunday mornings, she told me about the babies she had brought into the world that week. To me, her role as midwife blurred with her life as a mom and I saw one so intertwined with the other. She was the ultimate natural for both, always grounded and real, confident and sure of herself.
Rebekah was the best of women. I hope a little of her magic, power and wisdom rubbed off on me in the time I knew her.
All our love and care to her adoring husband and most-loved sons”.

Rebekah attended Miramonte High School and also went to UC Davis and studied Nurse Midwifery/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner at Yale University. She is survived by her husband, David Burk and two boys Ezra and Emmitt. 

We condole with the family of Rebekah and ask God to comfort them in this moment of grieve.

Rebekah Kaplan obituary will be relapsed by her family

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