Raymond Durham from Great Falls charged with deliberate homicide

Raymond Durham from Great Falls charged with deliberate homicide

Great Falls police

GREAT FALLS Death — A Great Falls man who called the police to report a disturbance and a body found in his yard is now facing charges of intentional homicide. According to an affidavit, Raymond Durham contacted 9-1-1 on January 5 to report that there were fights going on outside his home on 2nd Avenue South. Durham claimed that there was a guy on the ground and that he heard fighting outside his home. When asked if the individuals involved were still alive, Durham replied that he was unsure and related how he heard a loud “boom” and a lot of commotion before looking out and spotting both a man and his motorcycle on the ground.

Police report

According to reports, Durham claimed he believed the “boom” was someone attempting to kick through his door. When the Great Falls police arrived, they discovered a dead man laying in the yard with graffiti all over him and all over the house. According to records, Durham admitted to police that he did not know the individual and that it appeared that two men and a woman were responsible for the commotion.

Durham accepted to an interview request from law authorities at the Great Falls Police Department. In the course of the interrogation, Durham informed the detectives that he had seen his motorcycle lying on the ground and that, while checking on it, he had come across the man in his yard. records note Durham later amended his account, saying he had not heard or seen anything connected to the disruption he had described. He added that although he didn’t know the man, he thought he was drunk.

Another witness who claimed Durham and the deceased man were acquainted said, “I can’t believe Charlie shot him,” without being prodded. When she arrived at Durham’s house that morning, a second witness said Durham asked her to give him his gun and indicated he wanted it closer to him because he thought someone might try to shoot him. An application for and approval of a search warrant for Durham’s home resulted in the discovery of a Springfield XD9 9mm pistol inside a bag of potting soil.

Result concluded after an autopsy

The man had a gunshot wound to the top of his head, according to an autopsy, and the bullet had been located in his right lung. Homicide was found to be the cause of the victim’s demise. Documents claim that when officers executed a search warrant at Durham’s home, they discovered a revolver hidden inside a bag of potting soil. According to the affidavit, the rifle and ammunition were sent for analysis. The gun seized in Durham’s house was used to shoot the bullet discovered in the murder victim, and DNA from the suspect was also discovered on the weapon.

Durham was then arrested on a warrant for unlawfully possessing a handgun in violation of his release conditions. On January 10, Durham called the Cascade County Detention Facility using a taped line to talk about the circumstance. According to the records, Durham called the victim to inquire about his condition and was informed by the person he spoke with that the victim had been shot. The other then inquired if Durham knew the victim, to which Durham replied that he did not. The crime of intentional homicide has now been brought against Raymond Charlie Durham.

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