Princess Tolliver identified as Seminole County shooting victim

Jeremiah Jeffery Medenwald identified as Wahpeton shooting victim

Jeremiah Jeffery Medenwald identified as Wahpeton shooting victim

Princess Tolliver Death – Deputies say that a shooting that occurred early on Monday morning along a busy road in Seminole County resulted in the death of at least one person. It took place on County Road 46-A at the Rinehart Road intersection just before 2:30 in the morning. The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office has not disclosed the number of people that were shot; however, they have confirmed that at least one person was killed. The suspect in this case has not yet been identified by the investigators who are looking into it.

Victim identified

Princess Tolliver, age 31, a resident of Tallahassee, has been identified as the victim in this incident. According to the deputies, the people in the two cars were involved in an incident, during which shots were fired, resulting in several injuries and the killing of one individual. It has not yet been determined whether this was an instance of road rage or what the motivation for the shooting was; nevertheless, deputies have stated that it was not a random shooting.

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According to court filings, a former Seminole High School student who was shot on campus earlier this year has sued the district’s school board. Investigators believe that 16-year-old classmate Da’raveius Smith shot Jhavon McIntyre in January. McIntyre graduated after surviving the shooting. In the week preceding the incident, Smith allegedly threatened to shoot McIntyre numerous times, which multiple school administrators reportedly saw.

According to the lawsuit, school resource police met with McIntyre in their office before the incident to decide whether Smith genuinely had a gun or not. The lawsuit reveals that when McIntyre expressed uncertainty, the cops merely ordered him back to class. The complaint claims that school administrators broke Florida law by failing to inform McIntyre’s parents about the circumstances leading up to the killing.

According to McIntyre’s attorneys, after being shot, the boy “ran for his life screaming and yelling for someone to help,” but when he came across a school official, they fled without aiding him. According to court records, the incident caused McIntyre to sustain a fractured wrist, nerve damage, reduced motion in his afflicted areas, and psychological trauma. According to records, McIntyre is requesting from the school board at least $100,000 in damages for his injuries.

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