Pregnant Florida woman shot and killed by motorcyclist

Sara Nicole Morales Death : Authorities say a pregnant woman identified as Sara Nicole Morales, was shot to death following a road rage incident in Orange City.

According to the Orange City Police, the Florida woman allegedly hit a motorcycle on motion and refused to stop when the motorcyclist 40-year-old Andrew Derr, requested her to. Derr was not hurt in the incident but insisted that Morales did hit him intentionally.

The motorcyclist pursued her as she fled the scene and drove straight to her house, and went inside to retrieve a gun while Derr was on phone with the police outside the Morales home, police said. The biker then brought out a concealed weapon and fired at her. She was pronounced dead at the scene by responding EMS.

Investigators say Derr is cooperating with responding officers. The incident under investigation.

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