Police seek Thomas Michael Airington after drive by shooting

Thomas Michael Airington, of Clarks Hill, has been arrested and is being held in Aiken County jail on charges of assault/attempted murder following a shoot-out Thursday.

Police say Airington has an extensive history of offenses being filed against him, before the shooting he was being held on suspicion of weapon possession during a violent crime, multiple drug charges, weapons sales/deliveries, drug trafficking, and drug possession.

Arlington was also wanted by U.S. marshals on drug charges after North Augusta officers responded to the 400 block of Georgia Avenue to investigate a report of suspicious activity at about 4:30 a.m. Thursday. The confrontation escalated to shootout of at least four suspects in a Dodge Ram truck.

Investigators say the driver was seen firing a handgun out of the window of a moving truck. When it stopped, he grabbed a rifle. By the time it ended, Lt. Aaron Fittery had been wounded in the leg. All of the truck’s occupants were arrested, with Airington being the main suspect.

A bail bond company had advertised a reward for information leading to his capture:

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