Police identified hit-and-run suspect a year after Shawntae Herron died


Shawntae Herron Death – The Herron family has gone through an incredibly difficult year due to the loss of Shawntae Herron. Tiffany Love expressed her struggle with grief by saying, “I’m just starting to grieve and it’s very hard,” “My mama was beautiful, and I think about her every day,” Taira Herron said. Tiara Herron’s eyes welled up with tears as she proudly displayed her sweater to 5 on Your Side. The garment was filled with a variety of photographs of her mother. “I cannot talk about my Mama and not cry because we all loved her so much and we all miss her, ” Taira said.

Reported information

On January 12, 2022, police reported that a man was driving westbound on West Florissant at Riverview at a high rate of speed when he ran a red light and T-boned a white Ford Fusion that was driven by Shawntae Herron. Five days after her 46th birthday, the much-loved mother, sister, grandmother, and certified nursing assistant passed away. Tiffany Love expressed her anguish by stating, “It’s been very tough especially since her death her new, 2-month-old baby granddaughter was born and my mom never got a chance to see her,”

Information from police

According to the police, the driver fled the scene of the fatal hit-and-run accident. “He took my mom away from all of us and he broke my family’s soul,” Love said. On Wednesday, the St. Louis Police Department said that the man they are searching for in connection with a hit-and-run incident is Ronald Berry, who is 34 years old. Berry is being accused of committing involuntary manslaughter. A mugshot of him from 2015 was distributed by the authorities. The fresh information regarding the case has come to light just four days after what would have been Shawntae Herron’s 47th birthday.

“We’re hoping that somebody out there knows something, saw him, hears of him, knows of his whereabouts,” Taira Herron said. “We are seeking justice. Turn yourself in,” Tiffany Love said. If you have any information at all, the police ask that you phone Crime Stoppers at either 866-371-TIPS or 866-371-8477. The family is also putting up a reward of $5,000 at this time.

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