Police K-9 Izzy Located Missing 10 Y/O Girl In Woodbury, Connecticut

By | December 16, 2021

Connecticut State Police Dog Finds Missing Girl and Helps Bring Her Home Safely

According to a report reaching us, the Connecticut State Police K-9 Izzy tracked a missing 10-year-old Woodbury, Connecticut girl. According to the Connecticut police, the police dog led her handler for over a mile and found her.

On Sunday, December 12, 2021. the Connecticut State Police received a call about a missing 10-year-old girl in Woodbury. Troopers responded to the call along with Izzy and the handler of the missing girl.

Upon arriving at the missing girl’s residence, Izzy was given an object of the missing girl so the dog could pick up on her scent, Greenwich Time reported. After receiving the scent, Izzy led her handler on a 1.63 track through the wooded area near the girl’s home, which ended in the pair finding the missing child.

Izzy discovered the child near the Whittemore Sanctuary, a nature center in Woodbury. Thanks to the canine’s quick work, authorities found the girl unharmed and safely returned her to her family.

According to authorities, Izzy is one of the numerous trained canines that have helped the authorities find missing people this year. In July, search and rescue dog Tango helped South Dakota’s Pennington County Sheriff’s Office find a missing teen in three hours.