Police claim woman’s body found hidden in apartment wall, died since 2009

Police claim woman's body found hidden in apartment wall, died since 2009

The building where the body was found

QUEENSLAND — Police say a woman’s body that was discovered by cleaners in the garage of an apartment building, “very tightly wrapped,” had been there for up to seven years. According to Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham, the body that was found in a wall of apartments in Alderley, Queensland, on December 7 had most likely been there since November 2015. He added that the woman’s death may have occurred as early as 2009, according to investigators and forensic experts. “We have a high degree of confidence that the body is in this location, where it was discovered back in November 2015.”

The deceased is unidentified

It is unknown whether they were already here, were in another place, or had migrated here before November 2015, with regard to their whereabouts before that. In addition to that, I have “a fair amount of confidence in the evidence that we’ve found that gives us that timeline” and “again, I have a fair amount of confidence in the time of death for this person to extend out to 2009.” He added the woman’s identity was still unknown but that police were actively locating all former and present inhabitants of the apartment building, which was erected in 2006.

Police estimate the woman was between the ages of 30-55 when she passed away, was Caucasian with dark brown hair, between 155 and 165 cm tall, wore size 10 clothing, and had prescription spectacles. Investigations and forensic tests are still ongoing. “I urge anyone with information about a female who fits this description, who may have been a colleague, friend, or associate who just vanished, to contact Crime Stoppers. This plea extends beyond just the Alderley neighborhood and even the larger Brisbane area. Giving this woman a voice and identifying her are crucial.

Press release

He added that the woman’s corpse had been traumatized and that police were considering it as a “suspicious death.” The body was discovered covered in clothing and blankets, according to Superintendent Massingham, which is thought to have masked the odor of her decaying remains. He claimed that whomever placed the victim there made a valiant effort to hide the body but was largely unsuccessful. The body has been preserved by being wrapped carefully in a specific manner. They have also moved it to a location that is inaccessible. We’ll be considering if it was their plan to leave it there or to come back and grab it at a later date but they haven’t.

Additionally, police have made body cam footage of the policemen who responded to the scene following the horrific discovery public. They added that although there had been “disturbances” at the apartment building in the past, none of them “came to fruition” in relation to the discovery of the woman during police investigations. Although police were looking into numerous avenues of inquiry, Superintendent Massingham said it was crucial to disclose the information right away in the hopes of finding the victim. This is an unusual situation, but with community support and, obviously, more research, he expressed optimism that, forensically speaking, they could reach their destination.

Investigation still ongoing

He claimed that nationwide investigations might be conducted and that technology might be used to help locate the woman. Superintendent Massingham stated, “Obviously we can’t eliminate the idea that (the investigation) may need to move overseas if need be. Once the DNA component is examined, there are a variety of other things we may examine. Numerous elements still need to be developed or taken into consideration, including some prospective facial reconstruction techniques. However, we will be pleased to consider all of those choices in this instance.

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