Philip Kahn, identified as Body found in Atlantic Ocean

Philip Kahn, identified as Body found in Atlantic Ocean

Philip Kahn

PHILIP KAHN Death — The case of a man’s body that was found in the Atlantic Ocean miles off the coast of Maine became a mystery due to the fact that attempts to identify him over the course of 22 years were unsuccessful up until this point. According to officials from the state, his “partially skeletonized” remains were discovered on July 24, 2000. They also stated that investigators were able to capture his fingerprints and register his DNA at the time of the discovery. Now, those fingerprints have recently matched a man’s records, which has led to the identification of the body as that of Philip Kahn, who was reported missing in Las Vegas in the year 2000, according to an announcement made in January by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in the state of Maine.

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According to the announcement, Kahn took a flight from Las Vegas to New York City in July 2000, before his body was found and brought back. According to the officials, it is still unclear how he died and how his body came to be located 27 miles off the coast of Maine. According to the announcement, his fingerprints were turned over to the FBI when his body was discovered, but the agency was unable to develop any leads. Officials said that several years later, in 2019, the office of the state medical examiner collaborated with a company based in Virginia called Parabon Nanolabs to conduct an in-depth investigation of the suspect’s DNA as well as his family tree in an effort to identify additional leads.

The body was identified

The investigation by the corporation established that he was of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, but it could not disclose any other information that could lead to his identification. In March, the medical examiner’s office stated that it had reopened the case and met with the FBI to see if it had any updated technology that may identify the body. During this meeting, the medical examiner’s office also met with the FBI. According to the announcement, as a consequence of this, the man’s previously recorded fingerprints were sent to the agency’s Deceased Persons Identification Services Division and were matched to Kahn’s records. According to the officials, Kahn’s family has been informed that his body has been located and identified.

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