Philadelphia pizza shop employee 14-year-old son shoots robbery suspect

By | December 10, 2021

A 14-year-old son of a Philadelphia pizza shop employee shot a robber in the face as the man tries to fight his parents in an attempt to rob them.

Philadelphia Police Department responded to BOLD Pizza at the intersection of 15th and Spring Garden streets just before 10 p.m. Thursday for reports of a shooting.

“It was clearly a sign of a robbery because the cash register was open. There was money on the floor and there was also some broken glass inside the store and there was also a large amount of blood,” Investigators were told that a robber attempted to forcefully steal money from the register and started to fight with an employee.

Chief Inspector Scott Small says.

Preliminary investigations show that the suspect was starting to strangle the employee when the 14-year-old son grabbed a handgun from underneath the counter and shot the robber once in the face. The man fled the store, leaving a trail of blood that police followed roughly two city blocks to a SEPTA station on Spring Garden Street where the man was found. He was transported to Jefferson Hospital in critical condition.

Investigators disclosed the suspect matches the description of a man who was part of a trio that tried to rob a nearby CVS shortly before the pizza shop shooting was reported. Three men demanded money from the store clerk, but she did not have the code to open the register. One of the men allegedly slammed the cash drawer on the ground, but all three fled the store without successfully carrying out the robbery, police say.

No arrests or charges were reported the morning after the robberies and shooting.

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