Peter Connolly missing – Dublin, Ireland goes missing for 8 weeks

By | December 2, 2021

Peter Connolly missing – Family gets concerned for Peter Connolly

The feeling of loosing contact with a loved can only be an imagination, if it hasn’t happened to you. The family of Peter Connolly are really worried right now, and are seeking help in finding the missing man from Dublin, Ireland. “Hi everyone, could you please share this post for me and my family and help find my brother Peter Connolly” says Jody Connolly, the sister of the missing man.

According to Jodi, in a Facebook post, Peter has not even contacted home for over 8 weeks now. “We haven’t heard anything or seen him in over 8 weeks, it’s no unusual for him not to get in touch for a couple of weeks but 8 weeks is way to long. We always keep in touch some how.” Jodi added. At this time has not received any news about police intervention in the case, so it is solely the family of Connolly looking him. Your assistance will be of great help.

Peter Connolly description

He is described as a white male, with shaved brown hair, brown eyes, and is of stocky build. Jodi says, “The only thing that we know is he’s living in or around the city centre somewhere. Could you all please share this and help him get in touch or if any has even seen him lately. hes the type of person who knows absolutely everyone so please share because someone will see it and get in touch.” Please help bring this lovable man home.

Any information please call this number 0857458612. Karen Connolly Paul Connolly See less