Pedro Santiago Mateos killed in Bronzeville building collapse

Pedro Santiago Mateos killed in Bronzeville building collapse

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Pedro Santiago Mateos Death – According to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, the victim who was killed when a building collapsed in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago was identified as Pedro Santiago Mateos, who was 35 years old. Pedro Santiago Mateos was a resident of Chicago. On Thursday morning, the 141-year-old building that was in the process of being renovated fell in the Bronzeville neighborhood.

Information from Chicago Fire Department

Rescue efforts were underway for three construction workers who were trapped beneath a fallen wall by the responding firefighters. According to the Chicago Fire Department, shortly before noon, a worker named Pedro Santiago Mateos was rescued from between three and five feet of debris and taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center in critical condition.

The worker had been buried under the debris for at least three to five feet. It was later confirmed by the office of the Cook County Medical Examiner that the man had been pronounced dead. The inquiry into what caused the collapse is still ongoing, however the city has stated that the crews working on the building did not have the appropriate permit for the work that they were doing.

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Monday while at least one firefighter was inside assessing it, a structure on the East Side partially collapsed. In the collapse, nobody was hurt, not even the firefighter. At 1032 E. Long St. in Columbus’ King-Lincoln Bronzeville neighborhood, a business that was open on the ground floor was closed on Monday. A building inspector was inspecting a nearby building when he saw a portion of the back wall had collapsed and summoned firefighters at around 11:45 a.m., according to Columbus Division of Fire Chief Jeffrey Geitter.

Geitter said that the back corner of the building fell in on itself while the firefighters checked the structure to make sure no one was inside. At least two spectators were videotaping what was happening. A firefighter was just moments earlier visible at a window on one of the videos. “We were lucky that none of our crews were injured,” Geitter said.

According to Geitter, the proprietor of the Long & 20th Carry Out lived in a different area of the structure but was not present when it happened. All of the windows on the area that had collapsed were boarded up, according to a Google Maps image of the structure taken in 2019. Later, additional fire and police apparatus from Columbus were called. Geitter stated that the remaining portion of the building will be demolished under an emergency demolition order.

PC: Felix Lopez

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