Parker McCorvey killed in a car accident

By | November 26, 2021

Parker McCorvey Cause of Death – Passed Away: Parker McCorvey, who was involved in a horrific and deadly car accident with one of his sergeants and team on Wednesday night has passed away. Parker died after he was placed in trauma ICU yesterday morning. The cause of the crash is unclear.

Authorities are yet to release the results of a preliminary investigation of the accident, which will look into the victim’s condition prior to the accident, and whether or not alcohol, drugs and speed played a role in the accident.

“Parker’s injuries were too severe. Today feels like the hardest day so far because our prayers of hope and a miracle are gone. As Parker desired, as a family we have made the decision to support his wishes of organ donation in efforts to provide others with a new hope at life. We had a good day with him yesterday, filled with peaceful time of praise music. We prayed at 11:00 am as friends in Campbellsville and beyond did the same. Then later we all surrounded him and shared what we loved most about him. We will continue to be by his side until he is guided on his final Honor Walk to donate his gifts of life. We expect to have the funeral early next week. Details to follow. Thank you for your love and support. We have felt your prayers this entire time … Rosie McCorvey Lainey Underwood Parker McCorvey,” Becky David Salsbury posted on Facebook.

This is a developing story and there is no additional information at this time.