Nicholas Williams, Body found burned near Fulton County Airport

Nicholas Williams, Body found burned near Fulton County Airport

Nicholas Williams, Body found burned near Fulton County Airport

Nicholas Williams Death – A burned body was found in the woods of northwest Atlanta just over a month ago, and the victim of the homicide who had been unnamed up until this point finally has a name. According to the findings of the investigation conducted by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, his name is Nicholas Williams, and he is 32 years old.

Statements made by police

According to prior statements made by police, authorities in Atlanta began treating the death as a possible homicide when the medical examiner determined that the man had been killed by gunshot. On December 13, the corpse of Williams was discovered close to the Fulton County Airport in an area off Old Gordon Road not far from where that road intersects with Collier Drive. The residential neighborhood is bordered on one side by a hotel and is located not too far from the Zone 4 headquarters of the police department.

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A fire that started early on Wednesday morning in a sizable home in the City of South Fulton has left two family members dead and five more in hospitals. Mother and child are still unaccounted for. Two bodies were discovered in the rubble on Wednesday, according to firefighters. Although the identities of those victims are unknown, authorities have said that both of them are adults. On the 7000 block of Oswego Trail Road, a fire broke out. Around 4:42 a.m., according to Lt. Eric Jackson, his department received a 911 call. The house was completely in flames when emergency personnel arrived.

According to Jackson, South Fulton police got on the site before fire crews and attempted to enter the house but were unsuccessful due to the intensity of the flames. Five persons, according to the department, have been taken to the hospital where they are in stable condition. A private vehicle took two of them. The man who lived there told journalist that he tried desperately to get his family out of the house but was unable to do so because the flames were simply too powerful. According to Jerome Harris, the fire was already under way on the second floor of the house when he awoke to the sound of glass smashing. “All I can tell you is, with those flames, I was trying to get people out of there, my family out of there,” Harris said.

Harris stated that he made a valiant effort to reach the bedrooms on the second story in order to notify his loved ones. “I get to the top of the steps, that was as far as I could get, because the flames were going through the roof,” Harris said. The fact that so many individuals lived at the house, according to neighbor Phillip Horton, makes the scenario overall awful. Although a family member said that at least one of the victims was a child, firefighters have not yet recognized the four people who are still missing. “Keep us in your prayers, that’s all you can do,” Harris said.

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