Mom of Walmart shooting victim: Daughter was threatened by gunman

An image of Ronald Ray Mosley II, 25

An image of Ronald Ray Mosley II, 25

Walmart shooting Arrested – The mother of a Walmart worker who was shot and hurt inside a Walmart store in Indiana by a former coworker claimed the shooter had regularly threatened to murder her daughter. Amber Cook, 28, was targeted by Ronald Ray Mosley II because he was in love with her partner, according to Jenny Couch, who told the press that. Cook claimed that after the boyfriend informed Mosley that he wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship, Mosley grew enraged and threatened to murder her. “He kept sending my daughter messages, anonymous, everything.

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He kept calling her, telling her that he was going to kill her, that he watched her walk her dog,” Couch told the Evansville station Friday. According to the Evansville Police Department, Cook was shot in the face with a 9mm handgun on Thursday night when 25-year-old Mosley entered a store break room where employees were gathering. Another worker left the space and dialed 911. Within minutes, law police officials arrived and shot Mosley to death. At the time, there were roughly 40 employees and 40 customers inside the store, but nobody else was hurt.

After being charged with four misdemeanor charges of violence in May 2022 for punching four coworkers, Mosley worked at the business in southwest Indiana until he was fired last year, Evansville police said on Friday. According to a probable cause affidavit in that case, Mosley said officers he “lost control.” after having problems with coworkers. According to the complaint, one of the victims claimed to police that Mosley was “mad at him” at him prior to the incident because the victim told Mosley he had no romantic interest in him. According to the county prosecutor, Diana Moers, after the assault at the store in May 2022, Mosley pleaded guilty to the battery charges, and the case was transferred to Vanderburgh County’s mental health court.

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According to Moers, has been following court orders for mental health treatment. Couch claimed that despite her daughter being shot in the head and suffering life-threatening wounds “extremely powerful. strong-minded and independent.” She claimed that Cook is in a hospital in Indianapolis, surrounded by the people she loves, but is terrified. “My little girl, laying up here, wondering if she’s even going to wake up. She’s scared to go to sleep because she’s scared that she’s not going to wake up,” Couch said. After being transported by helicopter to a hospital in Indianapolis, the shooting victim was in stable condition, according to Sgt. Anna Gray of the Evansville Police Department.

She said on Saturday that authorities lacked the woman’s most recent medical information. The shop hasn’t reopened, according to a statement from Walmart on Saturday. “The store remains closed while we provide support to our associates and determine next steps. An appropriate reopening date has yet to be finalized,” the Bentonville, Arkansas-based retail giant said. The incident on Thursday happened in Evansville, an Ohio River city of about 116,000 people located about 170 miles south of Indianapolis.

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