Michael Perdue Gaylord died in Beaver Island plane crash

By | November 15, 2021

Michael Perdue Dead – Passed Away: CHARLEVOIX COUNTY, MI, – The Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Department has identified three of the five people who died in a horrific plane crash on Beaver Island in northern Lake Michigan last weekend. Michael was an amazing dad, who loved his daughter so much.

On Saturday afternoon, Michael Perdue of Gaylord, Michigan, and two others were killed when an Island Airways plane (Britto-Norman BN-2A) crashed on Beaver Island. When the plane crashed, it was on its way from Charlevoix to Welke Airport on Beaver Island. The crash killed Mike and the unnamed pilot. The tragedy also claimed the lives of Kate Leese, 35, and her husband, Adam Kendall, 37.

The incident caused serious injuries to Perdue’s 11-year-old daughter, who was taken to the hospital. Her identity has not being released. Mike Perdue worked as a real estate agent in Gaylord. Leese, a biochemist from Charlevoix, and Kendall, an attorney from Jackson, recently relocated to Beaver Island after years of wandering across the country. At this time, the cause of the crash remains unknown.

We are yet to confirm details for the obituary and funeral arrangements of Michael Perdue.