Michael Burns 27, identified as Jefferson City shooting victim

Christopher Oliver identified as Jackson gas station shooting victim

Christopher Oliver identified as Jackson gas station shooting victim

Michael Burns Death – The victim of a gunshot that occurred over the weekend close to the intersection of Broadway and Atchison Streets has been identified by Jefferson City police. Police announced on Monday that 27-year-old Michael Burns was fatally shot on Saturday afternoon. His heirs have been informed. Police claim to have spoken with incident witnesses. According to JCPD, the suspect, a 38-year-old Jefferson City resident, provided officers with a statement that was consistent with the testimony. The suspect’s identity has not been made public. Nearby resident who heard the bullets from her home and went outside to investigate is one of the neighbors.

Cherie Williams Stated

“I remember hearing three shots, coming outside seeing cars parked in the middle of the street,” Cherie Williams said. “Things were very weird, and then before I knew it, Cole County [deputies] comes and swarms the street, so it was very unusual.” Williams claimed that the bullets happened suddenly in a place where she mistook them for construction. Williams remarked, “I just knew it was construction,” When I went to the window after realizing the cars were parked in the middle of the street, I recognized it wasn’t gunfire and that’s when I put two and two together.

Williams claimed to have resided in the neighborhood where the event took place for seven months and in Jefferson City for ten years. She claimed that while she occasionally hears gunshots in her area, she doesn’t hear them frequently. Williams stated that there were two children in her house at the time of the incident. Of course, it worries me, she admitted. “I’m a mom before anything, but at the same time I don’t do things, like they would’ve never been outside, it would have been different if I let my kids go outside without my protection, for the most part we were protected, we were fine.”

Further information

Williams said she felt comfortable and that the emergency response was quick, but that she believes there are other things the police can do to keep the neighborhood safe. Williams declared, “It’s all about the government,” Instead of worrying about what people are smoking in their cars, “We need to watch who we let buy guns and supply guns, people who are already in the system as felons, just double checking files and just staying on point versus worrying about what people are smoking in their car.”

Other locals agreed that the police should make more of an effort to keep the neighborhood safe, but they also acknowledged that situations like this don’t occur frequently. Police in Jefferson City are still looking. Initial statements from the suspect, witnesses, and police were forwarded to the Cole County prosecutor’s office for evaluation, according to JCPD.

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