Maximmillion Moore killed in a shooting in Kenosha

By | December 14, 2021

Maximmillion Moore Death – Cause of Death – Early Friday, 10th of December 2021, Maximmillion Moore, 35, of Kenosha, was killed in a deadly shooting in Kenosha. According to Kenosha police, the shooting occurred early Friday on the city’s north side. The incident took place in the area of 23rd Avenue and 26th street. Authorities said they are still investigating the shooting.

Investigators have released the photograph of a Honda Fit, a vehicle they believe may be involved in the shooting, according to Wlip News. The police were alerted to the scene in regards to reports of gunfire just after 7 a.m. When they got to the scene, they found Moore unconscious and he was pronounced dead on the scene. No suspect is in custody.

Anyone with information regarding the investigation is asked to contact the Kenosha Police Department Detective Bureau or Kenosha Area Crime Stoppers.