Mark Thorpe retired officer, died after battling cancer, UND PD mourns his death

Mark Thorpe retired officer, died after battling cancer

Mark Thorpe retired officer, died after battling cancer

Mark Thorpe Death – On Saturday, Lieutenant Mark Thorpe , who had recently retired passed away at his home in Grand Forks due to cancer. The University of North Dakota Police Department is saddened by the passing of an officer who had retired from the force. Mark devoted his life to serving others and caring for his family. He is a proud member of the United States Armed Forces who also served the community surrounding the University of North Dakota for a period of twenty years as a police officer.

Mark was the most proud father and husband you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. During this difficult time, the University of North Dakota Police Department would like to express their gratitude to everyone who has offered their support and prayers to Mark’s family. During this difficult time, we ask that your prayers remain focused on the Thorpe family as well as the UND Police Department family.

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A veteran Battle Creek policeman who was well-known for his smile, fun, and presence in the city center has passed away. On Sunday, November 20, Cpl. Joe Wilder unexpectedly passed away at his home. He was 54. After 25 years of service, Wilder left the Battle Creek Police Department in October 2021. He worked as the department’s downtown liaison officer for 11 of those years, cultivating connections with local business owners and tourists. He would brighten any space with his outsized personality and smile, but my my, that laugh was contagious, according to Kara Beer, president/ceo of the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Joe was adored by everyone who met him. Nearly as much as he loved the residents of Battle Creek and his downtown, he also loved the people who made up those communities. “He was among the first to welcome you to the downtown and advise you to call him if you ever needed him. For everyone, he was the top downtown police officer. He was skilled at handling problems with consideration, kindness, and, when called for, a lot of excitement. Tuesday morning, as a funeral procession led by Battle Creek police moved down Michigan Avenue, Wilder was escorted through downtown Battle Creek for the final time.

The support shown on Tuesday, according to Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Blocker, showed the impact Wilder had on the BCPD family and neighborhood. “Joe was a remarkable officer who brought his larger-than-life personality to work with him daily,” Blocker said. Joe was the first person to volunteer and pass the test to join the bomb unit after it was established in 1999 for the tri-county area. He was passionate about the people he served on a daily basis and cared deeply for his fellow officers. He served as the longtime president of the officers bargaining unit.

During his tenure with the BCPD, Wilder worked as a patrol officer, training officer, downtown liaison officer, and bomb squad commander. Following his retirement in October 2021, Wilder served as a public safety officer for Kalamazoo Valley Community College and was sworn in as a deputy with the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office. His wife Jennifer, son Alex, daughter Mara, and a foster boy he was planning to adopt all survive Wilder.

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