Maliki Brown 20, identified as Dallas shooting suspect

Maliki Brown 20, identified as Dallas shooting suspect

Maliki Brown 20, identified as Dallas shooting suspect

Maliki Brown Arrested – Police in Dallas are searching for a second potential suspect in relation to a fatal shooting that occurred Saturday night. According to police, the first suspect was discovered in a hospital injured. According to the agency, they responded to a shooting call in the 9100 block of Skillman Street on January 21 at 6:19 p.m. When the police came, they discovered a man with several gunshot wounds laying in the parking lot.

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He was given CPR while being transported to the hospital, but he was eventually declared dead. At this time, the victim’s identity remains unknown. While at the scene, detectives learned that one suspect might be at a hospital with a gunshot wound. It’s unclear if the victim was taken to the same hospital or not. Later, officials confirmed that one of the murder suspects was responsible. He was identified as Maliki Brown, a 20-year-old.

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According to police, a capital murder warrant has been issued for Brown and they’re now looking for any other suspects.  The department confirmed with the press that Brown is still in the hospital. By contacting 214-671-4735 or sending an email to, Detective Yahir Perez can be reached by anybody with information about the shooting. The reference number for this case is 012691-2023.

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Police claim that the suspect in the weekend massacre at a Dallas hospital beat his fiancée in the delivery room before turning on the gun and killing two staff members. Jacqueline Pokuaa, 45, and Katie Flowers, 63, two staff members who died in the shooting at Methodist Dallas Medical Center on Saturday, were identified in a chronology released by Dallas police on Monday. The suspect, Nestor Hernandez, 30, was charged with capital murder. Hernandez is a parolee who was released from jail last October after having served jail time for aggravated robbery, and he was wearing a “active ankle monitor,” police said.

He was permitted to accompany his significant other to the hospital where she gave birth, according to the state Criminal Justice Department. Hernandez arrived for the delivery at 10:21 a.m. He “pulled a handgun from his pants and hit the patient repeatedly” while at the hospital, police said in an update. According to Police Chief Eddie Garcia, it was unclear exactly what drove the shooter to act violently. “He was acting very strange throughout the period of time there. He was wondering who else had been in the room, things of that nature. Honestly, we don’t know what set him off,” Garcia said at a news conference Monday.

Hernandez allegedly shot Pokuaa once as she entered the room to do “routine services” for the patient. Flowers entered the room after hearing the gunshots. Police claim that the shooter shot at her in the hallway from the doorway. When he heard the gunfire, Sgt. Robert Rangel was a few doors away working on a stolen property call. He radioed for assistance after seeing Flowers being shot, according to the police. The police statement claimed that Hernandez then began to leave the room while holding the revolver after reloading it. Rangel shot Hernandez once with his departmental firearm, striking her in the leg.

After being shot, the shooter returned to the room, where he eventually surrendered and was brought into custody, according to officials. Both hospital workers passed away from their wounds. Flowers is a nurse, according to a statement released by the American Nurses Association on Monday. The two victims were identified by police as a nurse and a case manager. “We mourn for the individuals who horrifically lost their lives, and we extend heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to the families and loved ones of the victims,” American Nurses Association President Ernest J. Grant said. “Time is up. Violence against health care employees is unacceptable. This must end now.”

Police reported that the infant was not hurt and that the patient who had been abused before the shooting had received medical attention. After receiving treatment at Methodist Facility, Hernandez was transferred to a different hospital for more care. It was unclear how he was feeling. Tuesday morning, it was unclear if he had hired a lawyer. The officer-involved gunshot and the homicides are still under investigation, according to authorities. Garcia denounced the shooting, saying, “We lost two health care workers who were going about their day caring for others.”

He called the shooting “a failure of the criminal justice system.” Hernandez, according to him, has a lengthy criminal record that includes aggravated assault on a public official, burglary, aggravated robbery, and multiple parole violations. A violent person like this one, according to Garcia, “should not have been on an ankle monitor and should have remained in custody.”

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