Madison Staker identified as homicide victim, suspect in custody

Madison Staker identified as Ogden homicide victim, suspect in custody

Madison Staker identified as Ogden homicide victim, suspect in custody

Madison Staker Death – Ogden police have identified the 24-year-old victim of a fatal shooting that occurred in that city. The body of Madison Staker was found on Sunday morning in a residence located in the 2200 block of Jefferson Avenue, according to the police. The officer reported that lady passed away before to the arrival of emergency responders at the scene. According to the report, they did not locate any signs of a struggle.

Suspect identified

Garrett Gorsch, age 21, was taken into custody in relation to the death of Staker, which was later determined to be a homicide. He was charged with murder, possession of a firearm by a restricted person, possession or use of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. All of these charges were stacked against him.

According to the report of the Ogden police officer who made the arrest, “Witnesses reported the suspect and victim had been arguing throughout the night, and the suspect had made threats of violence towards the victim,” As of Thursday, Gorsch is being held at the Weber County Jail without the possibility of bond.

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The 23-year-old victim’s family is still trying to come to terms with the horrific aspects of his case. He was killed in the apartment gym. Sheena Belinti was assisting her younger brother in moving into his Ogden apartment the last time she saw him. “He was so happy. ‘ She recalled that he said, “Mom, I got my own place and I have my own place to stay.” She still finds it hard to believe that it was the same location where he was allegedly slain at random by police. “Is this really happening? It feels like a dream. She questioned, “Are we really doing this?”

The second victim of a Utah County man’s murdering spree two and a half weeks ago was Tyler Belinti, age 23. Ryan Hooley was fatally shot by Christian Taele, 28, of Lake Shore, a tiny village, on July 8 in Spanish Fork, according to police. The following day, in the gym of his apartment, he attacked Tyler Belinti. According to police records, Taele said that a “higher power” had ordered him to “purge the city.” It hasn’t yet fully hit, according to Sheena Belinti.

Tyler Belinti relocated in order to complete the Job Corps program at the Department of Labor, leaving his hometown on the Navajo Reservation. He told his family with pride that he could see his life coming together in Utah after three years in Ogden. We don’t know how to handle or cope with it, and it’s throwing us for a loop, she said. In September, Taele will appear in court in Weber County for a competency review. Sheena Belinti stated, “It’s kind of difficult to look at the person who did this to us, to take someone that we love so much away from us.” She recalls her brother as the family’s upbeat member. She claimed he was constantly joyful and went out of his way to lift people’s spirits.

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