Mackenzie Trottier missing from Saskatoon for over 11 months

By | November 22, 2021

Mackenzie Trottier missing – Father of missing woman says “She had a wonderful voice. I would love to hear her voice again and sing with her again.”

SASKATCHEWAN, Canada – Mackenzie Trottier has been missing since December 2020 and her family is re-appealing to the public to help in the search for her. She was last seen on the 21st of December 2020 in her family home and was reported missing after she failed to show up for Christmas eve. Her family has been seeking answers and trying to find her for the past 11 months but she remained missing and her whereabouts unknown.

Report say yesterday, Sunday the 21st of November 2021, a rally was held by her family and friends to create awareness that she is still missing. The rally saw over 80 volunteers besides the family of Mackenzie. They were reportedly stationed at Saskatoon City Hall sharing flyers and putting up posters around the city. They also echoed calls for information that could help bring her back home.

Paul, Mackenzie’s father, said “She has been away from us for 8,040 hours, 335 days. We miss her smile, her sense of humor, her company, and her gentle soul that she shares with us freely but most importantly, we’re missing a part of our family.”

Mackenzie Trottier descritpion:

Age – 22 then 23 now
Sex – Female
Race – Caucasian
Height – 5 feet tall
Weight – 145 pounds
Eyes – Green
Hair – Ash-blonde

$20,000 reward:

A reward of $20,000 was offered by her family in 2021 of the misisng woman to help find her. The reward is open for anyone who gives information that leads to them finding her.

Report reaching us says the reward might be increased as there have been recent donations to help in her case. “She had a wonderful voice. I would love to hear her voice again and sing with her again, somebody out there knows something, and we just want that information back to the police so we can bring our daughter home,” said Paul.

Anyone who has information that can help bring home Mackenzie Trottier has been asked to call the police.