Lynette Vlastuin mourns the death of Leland Vlastuin on Facebook

By | November 30, 2021

Leland Vlastuin Death: Leland Vlastuin, of Beaver Creek, Minnesota, a beloved father, husband, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Sunday, November 28, 2021, in Florida, according to his wife. His death was announced by his beloved wife Lynette Vlastuin on her Facebook account.

Leland is from Beaver Creek, Minnesota, he went to Hills-Beaver Creek Secondary in the year 1982(Hills-Beaver Creek Secondary is ranked 172nd within Minnesota. The total minority enrollment is four percent, and eighteen percent of students are economically disadvantaged. Hills-Beaver Creek Secondary is the only high school in the Hills-Beaver Creek School District.), and also attended the University of South Dakota. He is married to Lynette Vlastuin and they have beautiful children together.

According to Lynette Vlastuin’s post, he passed away while they were in Florida while watching his kids playing basketball which is what he loves most. “Leland passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this Sunday while we were in Florida. He was doing what he loved most, watching one of his kids play basketball.” She said she had been with Leland for 18 years, they are broken and aren’t quite sure how to move forward without him. “We are heartbroken. I’ve been with him since we were both 18 years old. The kids and I aren’t quite sure how to move forward without him, but we have each other.”

Leland Vlastuin’s obituary will be organized by the family