Lee Korbel, 63, identified as body found in Shore in Canada

Dominique Troupe, 36, faces 3 new charges in Swanton shooting incident

CANADA Body Found — The body of a man who lived in Fairport Harbor was found washed up on a beach in Canada, according to the authorities there. On Tuesday, authorities in Ontario were able to positively identify the remains of 63-year-old Lee Korbel, according to the police in the community located in Lake County, California. On October 6, he was last seen leaving his house in Fairport Harbor, and on October 21, his family reported him missing when he had not been seen or heard from since.

Official statement

According to the observations made by the officers, Korbel’s behavior of leaving his flat and jumping into the Grand River near Water Street appeared to be premeditated. This conclusion was reached based on the observations made by the officers. After the body was discovered on the shore of Long Point in Ontario on October 25, it was recovered by the Canadian Coast Guard and the Provincial Police. Long Point is located in Ontario.

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The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office reported Thursday they may have located the body of a 52-year-old man missing since Sunday in an Orange County lake. In Deltona, Juan Santiago’s wife called him from New York. She told investigators that her husband was arguing with their 18-year-old son, Johnny Santiago, when she heard a loud commotion and the connection went dead around 11 p.m. Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood tweeted Thursday that Johnny Santiago’s sister recovered the remains while exploring Lake Avalon in Orange County.

Chitwood says a truck tracking program helped Juan Santiago’s family find his body. In shrubs. His son hid him in woods. Remote “Chitwood told Spectrum News. Juan’s sister found the body while scouring Lake Avalon. Johnny Santiago was arrested for crashing into a synagogue and opening fire after a three-county police chase. After the Sunday call, the mother asked deputies to check on her husband and son. Deputies found the Deltona house unoccupied and no vehicles. The driver of Johnny Santiago’s white 2021 Ford F-150 evaded law authorities near DeBary, according to a report.

Investigators found the vehicle near Sanford, where the driver escaped again. Law authorities reported a regional and nationwide BOLO (Be On the Look Out) was issued for the car. The report said the suspect car was observed again around 5 p.m. Monday in Lake County, when the driver fled law officers a third time before slamming into a synagogue on Donnelly Street in Mount Dora. “Our chopper spotted him and directed our deputies to his location, which was right there in the area near Walmart in Mount Dora,” said Lake County Sheriff’s Office Lt. John Herrell.

The truck smashed into the Traditional Congregation of Mount Dora, and the driver fired on deputies. The suspect was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center with several gunshot wounds when responding cops returned fire, according to the complaint. “Once he crashed, he began shooting from the driver side of his vehicle at the deputies and Mount Dora police officers at which time they returned fire,” Harrell said. “The suspect vehicle fled down 441 through Mount Dora to Limit Avenue and Donnelly Street. “The suspect fired at least once from his driver-side window at the pursuing deputy. The guy is charged with attempted murder of a police officer. Officials placed the shooting policemen on paid administrative leave.

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