Leah “Lee” Pearse Death, Former Haverhill student died in Mexico accident

Leah “Lee” Pearse Death, Former Haverhill student died

PC: Freesia Capy-Goldfarb

Leah “Lee” Pearse Death – On January 6, 2023, early in the morning, Leah “Lee” Pearse, 20, of Newburyport, Massachusetts, died after falling three stories from a balcony while on vacation in Cancun. She tried to access her Airbnb through the third-floor balcony after a beautiful beach day, incredible supper, and fantastic dancing because the keys had been locked inside. Tragically, she tripped, died right away. She was a remarkable person who displayed the entire spectrum of human emotions with such profundity and compassion for others that her presence was dazzling and shining for everyone who knew her. Many of the people who have contacted us have said that they felt so much love and comfort from Leah’s simple hug.

Leah passion

Leah’s passion for helping people and need for an outlet led her to make becoming the best nurse in the world her life’s ambition. She started working at Mass General Hospital as a certified nursing assistant when she was eighteen, providing her patients with the best possible care, love, and comfort during their time of need. She was earning a five-year Master’s in Nursing at Simmons College while also working as a certified nursing assistant. She worked her heart out and was receiving straight A’s. Leah was having a blast in college and forming relationships with everyone she met.

Leah immediately placed everything on the table, as you would expect if you knew her. After just one encounter, people already felt as though they knew her, and frequently they fell in love with her right away due to the comfort she provided to every space she visited. Her confidence, compassion, and amazing sense of humor had a magnetic effect and she tended to bring out the best in the people around her. She was one of the least judgmental persons that many people have ever encountered, and she was courageous and fearless to always speak the truth. As a little child, she was such a firecracker stubborn, obstinate, and self-assured that often people didn’t even know how to handle such an intense, brash, and confident little person.

Further information

She was charming and unafraid to exhibit her love and personality at all costs. She knew how to have the best, wild time and she knew how to chill out and watch reality TV. She cherished spending time with her friends, making others laugh, being kind to everyone she met, playing with children, cuddling with our dogs Wally and Luna, and giving her cat Mo the finest care possible. For the past two years she was the happiest we have ever seen her, living her independent college life in Boston, hanging around with her fabulous group of Simmons’ friends, and falling deeply in love with her amazing and ever-loving boyfriend Bobby (aka Gus or Augustin). Leah attended Haverhill High School’s Classical Academy and graduated in 2020.

While there, she participated in student government, MC’d coffeehouses, played JV lacrosse, and served as co-captain of the girls’ swim team. Her grandmother Judy Pearse of Wicklow, Ireland, her father Reggie Pearse of Haverhill, her mother Amy Goldfarb of Somerville, her sister Anna Pearse of Boston, and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins living both here and in Ireland will miss her deeply. The Haverhill Country Club, 58 Brickett Lane, Haverhill, Massachusetts, will be open for visitation on Friday, January 13, from 12:00 to 3:00 PM. At 3:00 PM, a memorial service will start. Please make a donation to a fund established in Leah’s honor at the American Nurses Foundation in place of flowers.

PC: Freesia Capy-Goldfarb

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