Larry Thorn school employee shot, community mourn


Larry Thorn Death – The beloved employee of Memphis Shelby County Schools who was discovered shot dead and set on fire earlier this week is still being mourned by the community. Larry Thorn’s body was discovered earlier this week. As a result of another person’s death as a result of gun violence, the community is in a state of mourning throughout the entire city. “I’m very angry. I’m very angry that this has happened to him and his family,” said Justin J. Pearson, Thorn’s classmate.

Larry Thorn found

The body of Thorn was discovered outside of a church in South Memphis, which must have been a distressing scene for his former classmates to imagine. “Larry was such a nice and kind person to everyone, and the way in which he was put to death was just horrifying.” Who would treat another person in such a manner? Chastity Mays, one of Thorn’s classmates, expressed her confusion by stating, “I just couldn’t see why someone would want to do that to him.”

Mays stated

Thorn was involved in a number of extracurricular activities at the school, in addition to his role as secretary. He coached the Pom Pom squad and played in the band. According to Chastity May, those passions extended far beyond the confines of the classroom. “He was such an advocate of changing people and shaping individuals to develop into remarkable adults. He was just a kind person that would just want you to be the better person of yourself,” said Mays. All of these characteristics are now a part of the legacy that will be left behind by Larry Thorn.

Pearson shared his thoughts by stating, “To know Larry is to love him and to appreciate what it is like to have a good, kind-hearted soul among you. “Investigators have not yet disclosed a possible reason for the shooting, nor have they officially identified a suspect in the investigation. A GoFundMe account has been established in order to help with the costs associated with the funeral. You can make a donation by clicking on this link.

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