Kristin Blasiak Lazore of Dorval, Quebec Has Sadly Passed Away

Kristin Blasiak Lazore Death – Cause of Death: Kristin Blasiak Lazore of Dorval, Quebec has passed away. Her passing was announced on Facebook, Thursday, December 9th, 2021 by Valene M Gray. Details surrounding Kristin Blasiak Lazore death are unknown at the time of this report. Kristin worked as an Account Manager at Bombardier.

Valene M Gray mourned the “unexpected passing” of Kristin Blasiak Lazore of Dorval, Quebec, on her Facebook page.

“Kristin Blasiak Lazore, I never really got to know you personally. I think we had a conversation once or twice. I admired your kitchen skills from afar. I loved watching you post your daily breakfast omlets or freshly baked muffins….your fresh herbs from your garden or your fresh vegetables that you would give away at red fox. You had such a big heart. Thank you for all that you did for our community. Your donations to the schools, giving hats and gloves every winter season. I don’t think you realized how many admired you from afar. You had such amazing taste… I loved seeing you’re cute designer outfits! Toby would come to the cafe and we would talk about your garden and all the fruit and vegetables you would get out of it. May your soar high in the heavens as the creator is there to greet you with open arms. We send our biggest heartfelt condolences out to all who are grieving during this time.”

Dorval is an on-island suburb on the island of Montreal in southwestern Quebec, Canada. In 2016, the Canadian Census indicated that the population increased by 4.2% to 18,980. Although the city has the largest surface area in the West Island, it is among the least densely populated.

Kristin Blasiak Lazore obituary and funeral arrangements have not yet been posted. We will update with more if and when we receive more confirmed information.

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