Kirk Czelewicz of Lowell, MA Has Passed Away

Kirk Czelewicz Death Lowell, MA – Cause of Death: Kirk Czelewicz of Lowell, Massachusetts, has passed away. At the time of publication, the circumstances surrounding his death were unknown. Kirk Czelewicz worked as a security guard at Lowell High School and was a loving father to two wonderful children.

On Monday, November 22, 2021, Lucero Hernandez announced the death of Kirk Czelewicz on Facebook. Lucero said she received a text last night from Kirk’s wife, Julie, informing her that Kirk had died, and her heart sank. While announcing Kirk’s death, Lucero said, “Kirk Czelewicz, a beloved Lowell High School security guard, died last night. Kirk was also a father to two wonderful children, a husband, and a friend of mine.”

Kirk was a dedicated and loving husband, a father that demonstrated that greatness could be achieved through hard work and passion and a man that exemplified that a humble spirit and joyous heart could improve the lives of all around him.

“He never failed to make me smile and laugh when we went out and was loved by so many in Lowell. I can hear his voice saying “Hey Lucero!!!!”. My heart aches for the family and all my love goes to Julie & their children, Nick and Kirk Jr. Rest In Peace, Kirk.” Lucero wrote on Facebook.

This is not Kirk Czelewicz’s obituary. His obituary will be released by his family.

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