Keylin Hollins, 20, charged for murder after pregnant woman shot and killed

Keylin Hollins, 20, charged for murder after pregnant woman shot and killed

Keylin Daveyon Hollins and the deceased

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A man has been charged with the capital murder of a mother who was 20 years old and the unborn child she was carrying over four months after the pair were found dead. Back in September, the fatal shooting took place in the area of a petrol station in the northern part of Harris County. Keylin Daveyon Hollins, age 20, is charged with capital murder in the deaths of Jennifer Hernandez and her unborn child. Additionally, Hollins is charged with aggravated assault for hurting Hernandez’s boyfriend, who was 17 years old at the time of the incident.

Official statement

At the time of the shooting, deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office stated that Hollins was out on bond for two felonies, tampering and stealing, resulting from occurrences that occurred in February and April of 2022. On Thursday morning, Hollins was in court for an appearance. A judge decided that the bond for the capital murder accusation should be $1 million, and the bond for the aggravated assault charge should be $50,000. Due to his history of felony convictions, his bond was increased to $40,000 and $200,000 respectively.

At the time of the incident, Hernandez was eight months pregnant with her first child, a boy who would be born in September. Her baby shower was just one day away when she passed away. According to the statements made by deputies, Hernandez and her boyfriend had just left a Shell petrol station located at the intersection of Airtex Drive and Ella Boulevard when they were targeted by multiple shots. Their vehicle had a number of bullet holes, both inside and outside, in the doors and windows.

Hernandez and her unborn child died

Hernandez was sent to the hospital, but a physician there confirmed that she had passed away. Unfortunately, her unborn kid did not make it. The boyfriend was shot twice, but he pulled through both times. It is said that he told the deputies that they did not come into contact with the white automobile that the gunman was in before the rounds were fired. The reason for the shooting that resulted in multiple deaths is still a mystery. It is not entirely apparent whether Hollins is in any way connected to Hernandez or her boyfriend.

Eye witness statement

A witness who rushed to the couple’s rescue reported that Hernandez was talking to her mother over the phone in the moments before she passed away. Rick, the witness, stated that the suspect’s mother was heard repeatedly asking, “Her mom kept saying, ‘Where are you, where are you?'” “I described the neighborhood we were in as well as the intersection where we were. I remarked, “This is the current situation. Arrive quickly, since I don’t think she has much longer to live at this point. She is trying to convey to you that she will not survive this. I have a strong feeling that she won’t make it through this.

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