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By | December 3, 2021

kevin Collins missing – What Happened to Kevin Collins?

The then 10-year-old boy reportedly went missing after basketball practice on February 10, 1984, while waiting for a bus on a busy San Francisco corner. He was never seen or heard from since the said date. His family grew worried and tried all they could to find him but it was abortive. Days turned to weeks, and months then decades. His family has had trauma in the past years and still hope he would be seen.

Collins was a shy fourth-grader, who battled dyslexia, but was quite a sweet boy. His family must have really missed him. as investigations unfolded, people who saw him around the neighborhood said, he spoke with a man who had a black dog, while waiting for the bus. Collins never reached home, and never called.

The  search for kevin Collins

The police were reluctant about the case, as they thought he was at a friends place but Collins mum, said “We kept saying, ‘That’s not the case. Kevin wouldn’t go to a friend’s on his own,” “I don’t think any of us really thought about stranger abduction at the time.” The search for the 10-year-old started solely by his family who were desperately looking for help from the public. Fliers were printed out and pasted all over, and was even featured on milk cartons nationwide, 

In 2013, when the San Francisco Police Department’s cold case unit reopened the case, they told the family they believed they’d found a “viable” suspect: Wayne Jackson, a convicted pedophile who lived down the street from the school, who police had questioned in 1984, says Kevin’s sister, Michelle Collins, 52.

Anyone with information about Kevin’s case should call the San Francisco Police Department at (415) 553-0123.

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