Keith O. Poppert killed in Portland Interstate 5 crash

By | November 22, 2021

Keith O. Poppert Death – Cause Of Death: 61-year -old Keith O. Poppert of Vancouver has been identified has as the man that was killed in a deadly crash that took place in the northbound lanes of the freeway just north of the Fremont Bridge on Thursday 18th November 2021.

According to the Portland police statement, Poppert was driving a Ford pickup traveling north on Interstate 405, joining onto I-5 north. His truck smashed a pool of water that was said to be 4 inches deep. His vehicle deviated to the right side of the road, struck the outside jersey wall, then moved toward the center lane of I-5 northbound, a Kenworth tractor-trailer struck the pickup broadside and was shoved north on the freeway. The truck stopped as soon as he could Poppert died at the scene said the police.

Keith O. Poppert’s family has not been informed about his death.